Monday, February 8, 2010

When you're EFX, You're EFX All The Way

...And you have barely any time to do anything else for any of your other classes. On the bright side...Bit is only forty-seven seconds long.

The above is a perspective ball bounce. Just look at that ugly messed-up layout of a room. The counter is in different perspective than the table. The tabletop is in different perspective than the table legs. And the whole thing made me want to tear out all my hair and eat it. And THE TONES...I will be fighting tone consistency until the day that I die of being overworked and underpaid. For some reason I love it anyway. Anyone who loves animation has been there, guaranteed. To top it all off I still can't seem to beat my rival. I tied with him last time, but that's about as close as I got to beating him all quarter.

Having a nice rivalry keeps things interesting and keeps me on my toes. It's great motivation! Rest assured, it's a friendly rivalry, and he's well aware of the fact. I'll just keep hacking away at it for now.

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