Monday, October 19, 2009

Back at Monty

The Performing Arts Midterms Madness is officially over. Apparently I've got the right stuff for production design. What she doesn't know is that I learned it all in animation. In Character Design and Layout.

Personally I can't understand why so many production designers come in not knowing how to draw.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Campy Green Cowboy Hats Still Rock

I'm still yanking hair out over my production design project, but at least the campy green cowboy hat with the tiara on it boosted my sadistic professor's morale during Production Design's tech week. And rightfully so. That hat is fabulous and it's only logical that the citizens of Crites should give it such amazing reception. Colin thought it was cool too.

If that entire building starts wearing absurd lucky Midterms Week hats, I am going to giggle incessantly. I swear, everything that Monty finds annoying and redundant about me, Crites really gets a kick out of. And vice versa.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I wish I were animating right now

I am never taking another quarter without animation classes again, ever. This week got so midterms-crazy that I can't even drop by Monty to animate, just write up a slew of journal entries for Production Design. I mean, production design is great and all, and I'm actually doing REALLY well in that class, but it's so much work. My professor works us so hard she makes Troy look harmless, which should say it all. She's having us come in on Friday morning to present a project two classes after another project. Which Troy totally did, just not on a Friday. Okay, there was one time in Animation I but that was only at 8AM because my class was actually at 8AM, this class is at 2. You'd think we'd be meeting at 2. This isn't the first time I've had to present on a Friday morning for this class, either.

I mean, I know I shouldn't be whining about work, but it is seriously cutting into my animating time! I have got to finish Jacquestar before I get too much better than I was to keep the style consistent, and this department is entirely oblivious to the fact that I don't relegate my animation to my classwork.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thirteen Days

I made it thirteen days without drinking any caffeine. That's a new record. I probably should've saved that bottle of cherry coke for my 8AM tomorrow though. Caffeine deprivation impairs your thinking a bit.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Wish I could Quit Vault

Debber actually showed up at the CAS Meeting where I was screening Pasta Perils. He didn't come to watch the short films though, so he missed it entirely. It would have been absolutely hilarious if he'd seen it there, with sixtysomething people in the room laughing maniacally. He was even wearing the exact same outfit I drew him in. And the craziest thing? I had no idea he was going to show up at all.

If he had been there for the screening, it would have been GLORIOUS. I would have totally killed to have seen my facial expression once I'd found out he was there the whole time.

-Jacquestar: Roughly 60% animated
-Bit: 95% animated, Needs cleanup and sound/music
-April: Waiting on John for the shot briefings
-Monty! The Musical: The EFX Song: Live action. Must wait till at least November 1 for full costuming/choreography.
-Musical Misadventures: 10% Animated
-Foiled Again: Visual Redevelopment stage, because I sucked two years ago.