Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wish You Were Here

Darling Montgomery,

Salutations from scenic Crites Hall! I'm taking all Minor courses this quarter, so I won't be seeing you as much as usual, especially once Practicum starts up. I can actually see the water tower from the fourth floor girls' bathroom window. Yes, Crites has them! Lots, in fact. I could honestly get used to it.

Don't cry over that deficiency thing. You'll short-circuit the Cintiqs and Anthony will explode again. There's always CAS, and until I have to begin Practicum you can bet your water tower I will be visiting. Constantly. After all, I have a projects I want to get done. Pasta Perils is coming along nicely. It's nearly all rough-inbetweened now. Expect a finished product about the same length as Finals Week.

Poor Troy doesn't get even half the screen time Debber does. A Timely Warning clocked in at 18 seconds. But on the other hand, it's actually done. And Jacquestar is going to be epic once that goes through.

I will be seeing you soon, and do I mean soon.


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