Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I sucked it up and biked to Weston at about eight this morning with two overstuffed traffic-cone-orange pillowcases full of laundry gutturally crammed into the basket in the back. That's gotta be at least twenty blocks one way.

On top of that, I was dressed in pajama pants, one blue striped sock, one gray sock, a new yellow effeminate-looking jeep cap I got for my brother, and the top from my vampire costume (sans cape). All in 90+ degree, pre-thunderstorm weather, with my ID shoved into my mouth and my keys dangling around my neck on a Bud Light lanyard due to a severe lack of pockets.

All to spend two dollars to get a semi-moist yet still clean load of laundry.

I think if I were a celebrity, this would have made tabloids.

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