Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Clean Laundry

Tomorrow I may just have to come into class wearing my vampire outfit again because I have no clean clothes left. I'm even running low on socks.

This, of course, is the fault of the local handyman, who was supposed to have installed a washer/dryer at my apartment building months ago. I would go to the laundromat but that even is highly difficult seeing as my only mode of transportation is a bike, and it's quite a long ride.

On top of this I'm doing my senior project, some character animation, a creative writing class, and still finding time to make goofy cartoons about every professor in the department. AND my birthday is on Sunday.

I don't want to have to spend that in a two-year-old discount vampire costume. Not without a decent set of plastic fangs.


  1. I bet you could effectively take a hamper over to O-house to wash :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! so, call the handyman and be very annoyed and cute and sweet and helpless without a washer/dryer in the building. :)

  2. You sure? I'm in a totally different building now on the other side of town. O-house is pretty far and pretty closed. The aberrant roomie was just too much unnecessary stress in my life.

    Suzie and I are living it up on the East Side right now, with no internet, no stove, one room, and the nicest neighbors in the world.