Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just realized I have absolutely nothing posted about my senior project. Oops? I mean, I've only been working on the thing for what, a quarter? Two quarters if you count Concept Development? In any case it's been keeping me from finishing Jacquestar and Pasta Perils.

I did it in Flash, frame by frame like "Finals Week," only the quality is going to be noticeably higher. And it's actually shorter, too. A little bit shorter. It clocked out at 40:16ish in the animatic. And I have twice as long to do it. Four times as long, really, because I knew what I was doing from the start of the first week of this quarter.

The story revolves around this bucket of bolts...

His name is Ignatius. Just kidding. It's Bit. He works inside a computer transporting files in little crates to different chutes that lead to different computer drives. Courtney Brooke Vaughan is doing the backgrounds and totally rocks hardcore for it. Expect the floor to be greener and the rest of the scenery to be grayer, though the coloring on Bit himself is pretty accurate. He also has a supervisor who is very much in charge.

The story focuses on a specific incident in which his boss expects him to deliver a virus to the C drive. So far production's been a smash but cleanup is seriously tedious work. I have been deleting vectors for the past week and still have two and a half more scenes to inbetween. Pop seems pretty confident that I'll get it done but he doesn't know I still have Debber's final, a short story to write, and my friend John's character turnaround to finish.

I've taken a pretty lighthearted discourse in dealing with a *gasp* potentially serious subject matter (one of those "You can't control me" sort of deals that's cropped up in my own life as of late) and a couple of weeks ago I thought it was dumb. Especially the vector cleanup part. But last weekend after blitzing through Jason's concept class in a vampire cape on a quest for dry-erase markers, I wound up helping a guy out with perspective drawing and got some perspective of my own. His wasn't funny at all. It was craptastically serious and filled with symbological mumbo-jumbo. Every shot was carefully and deliberately planned even though he couldn't quite draw them out because he cared a ton about what he was doing.

I found more meaning in my conveniently brief project and might have to add an extra scene at the end. As closure. But don't tell Pop!

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  1. WOOHOO ZELDA FINAL PROJECT!!! :D can't waaaaiiiiit tooooo seeeee iiiiiiiiit....