Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Current Conundrum

I have been living with my invisible friend, Suzanne "Suzie" Ponderosa, for nearly my entire college career and we are moving into a new apartment on Saturday, just like nearly everyone else living in Monty. She came into my life sometime in spring two years ago when I accidentally bumped into her in my dorm and since then she's followed me everywhere because I am apparently the only one who believes she exists.

She became invisible in 2005 when she was on an experimental drug kick.

She's plagued my life with her invisible booze-guzzling and pot-smoking and often has blind guys over for one-night-stands. She even followed me to France. I suppose calling her my invisible friend isn't entirely accurate, though she has grown on me. Luckily she's anorexic so I don't have to worry about buying her any food.

But friend or otherwise, Suzie Ponderosa is undeniably quite real. She's invisible, not imaginary...which brings me to the juicy part.

You see, I caught her referring to me as her imaginary friend. Please bear in mind that visibility and realness aren't necessarily corelated, and even if they were, corelation doesn't by any means prove causation. If Suzie's drug-addled words hold any truth then I am the imaginary friend of an invisible person, and she is the invisible friend of an imaginary person.

I know I come into direct contact with real people every day, but then again so do a lot of imaginary phenomena. Like Santa Claus. He hangs out at malls around Christmastime, doesn't he? And the Pizza Fairy shows up on the Sunday of Finals Week without fail. At least during the normal school year.

My proof lies within my conscience. If I am imaginary that means that my internalized conscience is also imaginary. It isn't there. Ergo, I outsource Lauren Rasmussen, who is very real, as my proxy conscience. If I need to outsource in order to have a real conscience, that proves that I must be a figment of Suzie's--or SOMEBODY'S--imagination.

And anyone who knows me can vouch that a lot of the crazy stunts I do are too insane to possibly be real. It's why I get away with as much as I do. Maybe if I prove to the Blue Fairy that I can be brave, loyal, trustworthy, and all that jazz, I can become a real boy someday.

If this entry has thoroughly confused anyone, then clearly I'm doing my job right.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enter Goofy.

I finally present to you...an uncharacteristically morose rendition of Goofy, listening in on a conversation between Mickey and Donald. Apparently they think he's really, REALLY stupid. Amazingly enough the entire conversation comes as a shock, but hey, this is Goofy we're talking about...and not the uncharacteristically profound Goofy from Kingdom Hearts.

It went over well in class, and despite that I think I only went to test the final product once after nailing the keys down...*coughwithabitofextensivehelpfromDebbercough* and really just pulled an "animate-till-you-drop-and-put-your-heart-into-it" sort of deal. At the risk of sounding like some kind of whack-job anime-style mentor character, putting your heart into your work shows.

Now to go take crack shots at my senior project...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Computer: 4,150,782...Me: 0

Seriously. I had a bajillion animation clips uploaded and without even clicking anything Blogger navigated away from the page. Now I have to upload them AGAIN. Ugh. Anyway, here's a recap of 2D Character Animation I, taught by the lovely and talented John (Debber) Webber.

I fixed the Mushu head turn. Not quite so slow but the perfectionist in me still thinks it's got a long way to go. Part of me wants to rap it upside the head and tell it to stick it. I didn't even POST my take assignment because it needs so much work in my opinion. I'm so self-conscious about my animation. I need to stop doing that.

Ah, who am I kidding? Jiminy needs slow-ins and slow-outs.

I really liked this one and definitely worked a ton to get it to the point it's at now. I've been saying that very line of dialogue ever since. Nobody really gets it anymore but Tyler and Debber.

This one actually freaked Debber out a LOT. Does the voice clip sound familiar? It's Jacques Khouri. The moral of this story is "Be careful what you record, because Zelda will probably animate it."

And that was Character I. I am now in Character II and working on new ways to harass and embarrass Debber. He's funny when he gets flustered.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gawrsh, I'm such a ditz.

I keep forgetting to update this thing.

Jacquestar Scene 1 is officially finished save for the sound. The second part's going to be a royal pain, and I wish I could stop getting these uncontrollable urges to animate things that have nothing to do with my schoolwork. If I only had a team of juniors I could ship the instructions off to, just so I could do my homework and be on my merry way. Or I could just ship them the homework and animate my ridiculous shorts instead.

I like the second one better, even if it is cheating. XD