Monday, March 2, 2009

One Day More!

Okay, okay, enough is enough!

I tried for another Vault again today but the same deal was going down with the machine. The Vault was there but the apparatus kept telling me it was sold out. That thing is clever, I'll give it that...hoarding the drinks all for itself. I doubt it even realizes it doesn't have a mouth.

So Byte wasn't even OPEN. There was this immense line just waiting by the entrance. They finally let us in at 7:40, which is completely ridiculous, and THEY didn't even have Vault. They had Mello Yello, but it just doesn't feel the same so I got a Coke. Besides, a name like 'Mello Yello' doesn't sound particularly caffeinated, even though it probably does have more than Coke. I guess I just wasn't in the mood for citrus. By that time I just stopped caring and didn't want to have to risk getting a coke out of that machine, the way it keeps telling everyone it's sold out. The guy at the counter let me cut and get my Coke because I was getting nothing else, so at least they're doing something right.

And to top it off the file on my USB drive got corrupted when Monty got mad at me for making fun of him. I lost everything I did in Flash this weekend, which thankfully wasn't much, no thanks to that disease I can't quite seem to shake, yet non-thankfully wasn't much, simply because it...well...wasn't much. The song is still there. Backgrounds 1-7 are still there. I'll live.

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