Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Process in a Nutshell

Oh sweet Oz, where to begin? During this project I found that I work best in Montgomery Hall...or really, anywhere except my residence, which I learned the hard way. It helps to surround myself with people who are working just as hard as I am. I would have definitely spent more weekends at Monty, though two of those lost weekends, I had personal matters to attend to that I honestly couldn't avoid.

And although everyone says not to wait until the last minute to do your work, there is definitely something about that Finals Weekend atmosphere that just pumps you with adrenaline. The clicking of keys reverberating down the screen-lit halls as somehow people find the time to wander about and see what everyone else is just don't get that during the regular season.

I pretty much did everything, and I mean everything, directly in Flash. My layouts are in the flash document that eventually progressed into my final project. Because computers have this overwhelming tendency to corrupt my files for no good reason whatsoever, I saved versions (the latest of which is in the dropbox). I had about six, luckily I didn't run into much trouble.

I also think it was smart of me to break my production schedule down into hours instead of weeks. It helped alleviate the stress a bit and allowed for more flexibility. If it had been week-by-week, I would have mentally beaten myself up every time I missed a deadline...which would have been inevitable.

Flash is sooooooo much nicer than Maya.

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