Wednesday, March 11, 2009

D-Day Has Arrived

Dang. There were a metric ton of cuts and I still managed to keep the song intact.

Even if the final product doesn't fare too well grade-wise, and even if I randomly change keys in the middle of the song in that nasal prelude to what I think might have been a disease, that little video made a lot of people laugh at the pinnacle of Finals Weekend even in its half-finished state, which has got to count for something. If anything, I know my audience.

In fact, while I was animating this...I kind of formulated a parody of Alan Jackson's Midnight in Montgomery...

EDIT: Crap, this upload quality just plain sucks.
If anyone knows how to make it less sucky, please let me know asap!


  1. I'm going to watch this again so I can hear the sound a little louder. I really want to hear the song in all its final greatness!

  2. really funny. I will show this to all my doubting friends who think animation is a piece of cake

  3. Watch it when I post it on facebook, for some reason this version is unnecessarily choppy.

    And yes, Katie...Josh Groban made the final cut.

  4. A little quiet on during the presentation, but what I got of it was funny/nice.
    good job.