Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coffee Break

My performing arts class rocks. I doubt any of them will even see this, but they've all done wonders for morale-boosting in terms of this project and are definitely going in the "Special Thanks" part of my credits. I strongly advise everyone in animation to take at least one performing arts class with Martin Noyes, just because you learn a lot there.

And there are weapons. Lots and lots of weapons. Mark Tymchyshyn's class was fun too even if there were noticeably less weapons involved.

Either way I am kind of glad my production schedule was measured in hours and not specific dates because I sort of knew I'd be floundering about the last few days in a state of panic. In retrospect I should have allowed about three hours for "caffeine consumption, self-doubt, and sheer panic." And I think I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take to do the backgrounds, especially the really simple ones, though most of the time it took for those was really more like "stare at blank flash screen and mentally spaz."

Wait. I don't think I ever scanned in my schedule. Ampersand-pound-percent!

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