Monday, February 2, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz

Fiiiiiiinally finished the rotoscoping. Here's the glitchy Muybridge guy looking semi-swank in something vaguely resembling a top hat, tie, cummerbund, and an oddly skintight tux. Seriously, he needed pants and a hat, because everyone just looks better in a hat. Though if Muybridge were around now I'd probably chuck something large and heavy at him for stopping the walk cycle at fifteen frames, because that's what's making it glitch up. That is, assuming I'd be able to lift something large enough and heavy enough to do any damage, which I'm probably not.

And I got carried away here. Yes, that's me prancing about like a booftard and wearing a cowboy hat. If you've ever seen me in queue, then you've probably seen some sort of "subtle" variation thereof. And yes, it took me the better part of this weekend to trace it AND figure out how to chop up the film so I could get the part I wanted to export. Choreography credits go to Nate Taylor, though he probably doesn't remember ever teaching me this ridiculous dance in the first place.

That hat is cooler than yours.

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