Monday, February 23, 2009

i luv anemashun

It's only expected that I'd forget the coffee the day the soda machine died and I haven't enough change in my pockets to compensate for the price-jack Byte's imposed on their own sacred stash of soft drinks. O sweet and glorious Vault, thou mockest me in thy caffeinated glory! Sold out, it says...sold out your face. Whosoever had that ingenious idea to put only one vending machine in a building where people often go upward of two days without sleep, it was--by far--a really lousy one considering the rate at which those things malfunction. And somehow this always seems to occur at the worst possible time (like 8 in the morning).

If I collapse at my desk, it's caffeine withdrawal. If this didn't make sense, it's caffeine withdrawal. If anyone has a quarter, I'll pay you back on Wednesday because I'm really only a quarter short of a soda from Byte. Does Byte charge tax?

I'm just about finished with the backgrounds. This one even comes with complimentary blue pencil shavings and eraser bits at the bottom of the light table, just like in the real Monty. I've also recorded the song, which I conveniently left in my other computer. Just like I left the coffee at my apartment.

I love Mondays.

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