Monday, January 26, 2009

The Power of USB

So after a grueling weekend of "fun" at the library doing 20th century research, I made the puppet for my second puppet jump (still haven't done enough of this research despite everything, which is making me concerned). It may actually look very familiar if you've known me for a while.

This thing is an Algebot...a moderately adorable little robot programmed to save money on math teachers. At one point an evil warlord ordered several thousand of the little guys to enslave a rival city, only to find that all they can do is teach math, and that he just wasted a ton of money.

They also happen to jump.

So ja...I have about ten or so plot concepts I've been developing just sort of jumping around in my mind at any given moment, most of which are absolutely ridiculous in what I hope is a good way. Though I'm still going to settle on my own singing for this class, as it is far too good of an opportunity to pass up.


  1. I really like the character. When he jumps, I think his arms should swing backwards a bit more to show more momentum. He does jump pretty high. The follow through at the end is really good.