Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

I haven't had very much time to do anything for this class between yesterday and the day before, as I was finishing up a research assignment for 20th Century Art, which took up most of Monday and Tuesday. And this weekend, as you may or may not have heard last post.

Aside from browsing about for ideas for my hypothetical animated lounge singer dress on Google. I have a very strong suspicion it's going to be one of those black tie sort of outfits, with a standard-issue, straightened updo. One of those outfits that would be strange to see in Monty even with my crazy dress standards.

Oh, ampersand-pound-percent...I have rehearsal during the Hallmark presentation...both of them. I guess that's what happens when you're starring in three films and an animation.

Oh yeah, and I finally made a puppet animation that seems to work. And it WAS a lot easier when I figured out to animate the head first, then the foot, and then the spring. It made the spring seem to animate itself almost.

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